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Pastoral Care in a Globalised WorldProphetic Christianity

Personhood in Philosophy
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Personhood in Philosophy

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In this important work, the first and only monograph wholly and exclusively dedicated to the concept of person in African philosophy, Bernard Matolino presents a detailed, informed and exhaustive discussion on the extant literature on the concept. He develops a multi-layered argument that, inter alia, seeks to show that there are only two plausible ways of approaching the concept in African thought, the failures of current communitarian thinking on personhood, and the importance and relevance of a metaphysics that is not unduly subservient to the communitarian scheme. He then proposes a new conception of personhood that he identifies as 'limited communitarinism.' This new proposal seeks to remedy the problems of hitherto theories by reworking the relationship between communitarianism and metaphysics. While he does not deny the importance of communal frameworks in playing a role in understanding who we are, he stringently maintains that the community cannot define what we are.


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