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St John Vianney SeminaryTalitha Cum!

Sticking Around
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Sticking Around

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Bernard Spong, editor. Brigalia Hlope Bam, foreword

Bernard Spong, a native of Manchester, England, came to South Africa with the London Missionary Society in 1963. During his forty plus years ministry in this country he served in the United Congregational Church, ran an ecumenical communication and media project for many years and fi nally worked as the Communications Head for the South African Council of Churches. Bernard is now retired and living in Johannesburg.

‘And me? What was I doing here in this church hall with the smell of smoke in my nostrils and occasional gunfi re assailing my ears? This was a time when the huge divide between black and white was evident as never before and yet here I was, with my pink complexion and British Lancashire accent, at a church centre in what is known as “deep Soweto” listening to some two or three hundred students discuss their grievances and how they could be met.
I came to South Africa to preach the gospel. I had been commissioned by the London Missionary Society, who told me in printed word in the front of my fi rst Setswana language Bible: Bernard Spong, Our Beloved Brother, go live agreeably to this Word, and publish the gospel of JESUS CHRIST according to your gifts, calling and abilities. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. I was a preacher, broadcaster, and communicator. What on earth had this to do with me? I was not sent to listen but to tell. I was not sent to involve myself in political issues but in the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And here I was listening to these excited young people tell me what they thought in the strange and incredible belief that I could do something about it. They were trusting me with their ideas, sharing themselves in a challenging series of statements about their lives, their frustrations and their hopes, and, in so doing, drawing me closer by their words and deeds into a decisive moment of commitment and giving me the privilege of a new understanding of mission and the exciting adventure of living with other people.’


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