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The Quest for Humanity in Science & Religion
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The Quest for Humanity in Science & Religion

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Augustine Shutte, editor

“Up until very recently the science and religion dialogue has been centred in Europe and North America. This extraordinary collection of articles -- the fruit of three years of collaborative research in South Africa -- is a clear indication that such is no longer the case. Augustine Shutte and his colleagues have succeeded in offering the international community a profound, wonderfully diverse yet thematically integrated exploration of the connections and confl icts between science and religion as defi nitively human pursuits, here embedded in the rich interacting cultural traditions of Africa.” Bill Stoeger, University of Arizona, Tucson

The essays in this volume – by a group of South African researchers from different institutes and diverse cultural backgrounds – bring to light a transcendent dimension of our human nature that is often overlooked in the international science-and-religion debate. This is a dimension of our humanity that transcends what the sciences are able to study because it is what enables us to be the creators and judges of science. It is also what endows us with the freedom and responsibility of deciding which, if any, religion to follow. These essays bring together insights, drawn from both European and African traditions of thought, that illuminate this ultimately mysterious dimension of our humanity. South Africa offers a uniquely favourable context for exploring the interaction between contemporary scientifi c secular culture and traditional religious ones. This collection offers pointers to ways in which the best of both can be brought together, not only in South Africa but in the global village too.

Augustine Shutte is a philosophy professor at The University of Cape Town.


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