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Who Do You Say That I Am?

Women, Religion and HIV/Aids in Africa
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Women, Religion and HIV/Aids in Africa

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Teresia Hinga, Ann Kubai, P.Mwaura and Hazel Ayanga, Editors

Each contribution to this volume has added a valued and unique perspective of analysis to the AIDS crisis and its implications for the women of Africa. All the authors agree that the HIV/AIDS crisis is urgent, complex and life threatening to women. Each goes beyond the biological and epidemiological dimensions of the disease to name the scandal of stigma as a major factor in the ethical challenge posed by HIV/AIDS. They dig deep into the religio-cultural worldviews that shape our understandings of the world in which we live, thus exposing some of the deadly cultural, theological and scriptural roots of attitudes and practices that have compounded the crisis of HIV/AIDS in Africa, ultimately robbing millions of women of their dignity and lives.

"This volume on theological and ethical responses to AIDS in Africa is a stunning assembly of essays that testify to the desperate tragedy , compounded by senseless violence and willful prejudice , condemning millions of Africans , especially women and Girl -children to social -death, even before they are taken by physical death."
Rosemary Ruether (PhD), Professor of Feminist Theology, Berkley. USA

"Combining academic rigor, advocacy and a compassionate recognition of the human rights and worth of girls and women living with HIV /AIDS, this compelling study identifies a confluence of biological, cultural, economic, political and theological / religious dynamics that produce and perpetuate an underclass of girls and women susceptible to the HIV pandemic."
Tabitha Kanogo (PhD), Professor of African History, teaches at University of California, Berkley, USA

Teresia Hinga (PhD) is an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Santa Clara University specializing in African religions, Comparative Theologies, Feminist Theologies, Contemporary Moral Issues and Religion and Ethics of Globalization.
Ann Nkirote Kubai Ph.D. (Kenya) is the Research Director at the Life & Peace Institute, Uppsala, Sweden.
Philomena Njeri Mwaura PhD (Kenya) is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Religious Studies, Kenyatta University, Kenya.
Hazel Ayanga is a senior lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Moi University in Eldoret Kenya


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