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Tuning In To A Different Song
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Tuning In To A Different Song

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Joyce Scott author

Joyce Scott’s “Tuning in to a Different Song” will prove immensely helpful to many in entering this truly ecumenical world of song, not least for those in training for the ministry. Many of us in South Africa have a long way to catch up!”

How can we communicate with people who are different? Drawing upon Scripture and her experience of many African cultures, Joyce Scott challenges us to a sensitive use of God’s gift of music to enter that “deep place of intense feeling” where meaningful interaction takes place. Are we concerned to make people in other cultures feel at home with us or our message? Do we want to bring people to Christ or disciple new believers? Do we wish to share ideas about nutrition, better water supplies, care for the sick and prevention of disease? Here is godly wisdom which can help even the poorest musicians to walk across “the music bridge” into other people’s minds and hearts.
Dr Dave Dargie, University of Fort Hare.

This probes the unique contribution of music in cross-cultural Christian worship. …This book was not written just for musicians but for all persons preaching the Christian message in Africa and guiding people towards meaningful worship. The diversity of cultures in Africa provides a unique opportunity to cross these cultural differences in worship through singing and dancing. This is a book that should be read by every person involved in the Christian ministry in Africa and especially in South Africa.
Dr. Richard Anderson, Emeritus International Director of Africa Inland Mission.

Joyce Scott’s has twenty-eight years of cross-cultural missionary work in East Africa, under the African Inland Church, learning music from grass-roots interaction. She has taught courses in music for Inter-Cultural Ministry in six Bible colleges and at Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya. The Evangelical Bible Seminary of SA, invited her to set up a three-year curriculum for Music for Inter-cultural and Cross-cultural Music. During her four years on the Seminary staff the manuscript was developed and tested as a textbook.
Prof. Nico Smith, University of South Africa.


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