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Prophetic ChristianityRegaining sanity for the earth

Prosperity, Poverty and Pollution
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Prosperity, Poverty and Pollution

Price: R100.00 (including 14 % tax)

Klaus Nurnberger author

  "Not for sale to customers in the UK. Available from ZED books"

"A comprehensive and masterly analysis of the global economic problem, and the consequent need for a new economic paradigm, a transformation of collective consciousness, and a new policy agenda."
Dr. James Robertson,
New Economics Foundation, London

This book presents the complex dilemmas humanity now confronts. These include growing inequality and marginalisation within societies, the yawning gulf between industrialized and developing countries, the multiplying but uncontrolled powers of science and technology, and mounting environmental destruction.

Writing particularly with students and general readers in mind, Professor Nurnberger integrates recent innovative thinking from both the social and natural sciences in order to explore the complicated linkages between these problems. He stresses the vital importance of changing social-economic institutions as well as collective mindsets. He highlights the role of faith and morality. And he concludes on an optimistic note that committed groups of people can act together in order to reverse the human and environmental failings of our current market economy.


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