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Towards an Agenda for Contextual Theology
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Towards an Agenda for Contextual Theology

Price: R90.00 (including 14 % tax)

McGlory T Speckman and Larry T Kaufmann editors

Contextual Theology in South Africa has been at its lowest point since the early 1990's. Torn between its vision of a democratic South Africa and its independence as part of the prophetic stream, Contextual Theology has, unconsciously and unwittingly, gone into hibernation.

This volume of short essays which is dedicated to Albert Nolan is an attempt to recall Contextual Theology from that hibernation. Each of the contributors has felt that the work that Nolan has, since the 1970's, so fervently promoted, could not stop at a point of a political settlement. For as long as there are people of faith and human experiences that contradict God's plan for the world, there will always be a need for Contextual Theology. It does not necessarily have to assume the same shape and form in all contexts, nor does it have to follow the same agenda. Its agenda and content must be determined by the needs and concerns of a given context. This volume contains essays on: a History of Contextual Theology in South Africa, critiques of Contextual Theology, a discussion of Methodological issues, some testimonies on racism and gays and lesbians in the church, spirituality and the introduction of African, vernacular and developmental theologies.


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