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Tuning In To A Different SongUkubuyisana

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Augustine Shutte autor

"One of the main tasks now in post-apartheid South Africa is to bring together what apartheid kept apart. Augustine Shutte's new book is an attempt to do just that in the realm of ideas, especially our ideas of what is valuable and worthwhile and how we should live, in other words, our ethics. In particular he is attempting to marry two different traditions of ethical thinking, the European and the African. I welcome the publication of Ubuntu, an ethic for a new South Africa. It is a contribution to overcoming what our president has called the 'moral vacuum' that presently threatens South Africa. If the values enshrined in our Constitution are to be realised in our common life then we need the vision and inspiration that books such as this can provide."
Rev Smangaliso Mkhatshwa, Mayor of Pretoria

UBUNTU, an ethic for a new South Africa is a sequel to Augustine Shutte's previous book Philosophy for Africa. In Ubuntu he offers a new interpretation of the chief ethical idea in African thought, Ubuntu. He argues that it complements the central European ethical notion of individual freedom, and shows how the two ideas can be combined to form an ethic based on a richer understanding of our humanity. He then applies this ethic to different spheres of life: gender relations, sex and family life, education, health-care, work, politics and religion. In each sphere he tries to show how an ethic of Ubuntu can provide concrete guidance for our continuing struggle to make a multi-cultural South Africa a truly humane society.


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