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KWABAKALiving on the Edge

Little Girl, Arise
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Little Girl, Arise

Price: R50.00 (including 14 % tax)

Thandeki Umlilo editor

For too many years have I lived in the valley of dead bones. Incest and abuse violated the essence of me and held me bound in deadly shame, guilt and self-rejection - a human being that housed a withdrawn, timid and vulnerable child. Today, however, I experience myself as alive, able to take risks, eager to LIVE life to the fullest, knowing the joy of freedom, deeply appreciating the woman that I am, the person whose very Source is the Giver of all life.
This information is the hope I hold out to all people who have been abused or victimised in any way. My story in its very frankness is to tell all victims of abuse that we are not our experience. Within us is the power to transcend any trauma and to rise victoriously in the glory and splendour of New Life. The second purpose is to make as many people as possible, especially the perpetrators, aware of the devastating effect of abuse. My hope is that this awareness raising will enable perpetrators to treat themselves and all persons with the respect and dignity that is rightfully theirs.

"What a valuable book. It stands a chance of being really useful, one of those books that is a gem and a gift to the reader. The author is disarmingly frank and earthed in her descriptions with regard to incest and abuse. That is a very valuable side of the book. Professionals, semi-professionals, victims of incest, rape and trauma survivors of various kinds might find this book an icon of hope. This is a gender issues book and deserves a wide reading among womanist writings alongside material by such well-known authors as Alice Miller. It is a story of empowerment. This book needs to be on the shelf of every seminary and to be included in prescribed reading in theological reflection. It needs to be placed in the hands of teaching professionals."

Dr. D. Sheriffs



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