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Juxtaposing Contexts
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Juxtaposing Contexts

Price per Unit (piece): R120.00 (including 14 % tax)

Nico Schreurs and Thomas Plastow editors

The impact of a particular context on the theological study done therein cannot be denied. Different contexts give rise to different questions which, in turn, inspire different theologies within the same faith tradition. But can these different contextual theologies remain in useful dialogue despite vast differences in context?

In recent years there has been a growing co-operation between the Tilburg Faculty of Theology in the Netherlands and St. Joseph’s Theological Institute at Cedara, South Africa. In the study and teaching of contextual theology, each school wishes to address issues of local concern and yet each hopes to be enriched through mutual debate on issues of common interest. In this volume, theologians from both institutions offer contributions in the fields of exegesis, feminist theology, liturgy, and systematic theology. The authors chose their topics after consultation with their overseas colleagues so that the resulting papers from each country would complement each other. This has resulted in a very meaningful exchange.

“Culture is one of the most illusive of elements in any particular context. We too easily jump to the conclusion that we understand the concerns of people who have been formed in a culture different from our own. On the other hand, we generally don’t appreciate the influence of our own culture upon our thinking until we begin to see how this happens in another person with a different culture. This is … why this book is so valuable and why we hope there will be many more collections like this.”
From the Foreword by Albert Nolan

Prof. Dr. Nico F. M. Schreurs is professor for Systematic Theology at the Tilburg Faculty of Theology. Thomas Plastow SJ teaches liturgy at St. Joseph’s Theological Institute.



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