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The Church and the Public Sphere in societies in TransitionThe Church in an HIV+ World

The Church and War in the 21st Century
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The Church and War in the 21st Century

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The cataclysmic wars and the constant threat of nuclear war of the 20th century have been replaced by the regional wars and the multiple forms of terrorism of this century. In this well-researched and clearly written book, Anthony Egan dissects two possible responses by Christians to war: the just-war theory and pacifism. He chooses the just-war theory as a more realistic response to violence because pacifism would remove Christians from engagement with the world. His preferred position is utopian realism which speaks both religious and secular language and, in attempting to limit violence, asserts that the use of force ultimately demonstrates moral failure. The book challenges Christian and all people concerned with the fate of our world to examine their responses to the increasing violence of our age.

Signs of the Times Books: Doing theology in the 21st century demands attention to the most important events, people, and themes of contemporary society. This is the focus of the “Signs of the Times” series. Each title, “The Church and ….”, engages in theological reflection and analysis of a significant “sign of the times”. Written in a non-academic style, the books present clear interpretations of the response of Christian faith to the world today.

ANTHONY EGAN Ordained in 2002, Anthony Egan SJ is a member of the Jesuit Institute South Africa based in Johannesburg. Trained in History, Political Studies and Theology, he has lectured at a number of universities and seminaries, including St Augustine College of South Africa and the Steve Biko Centre for Bioethics, University of Witwatersrand Faculty of Health Sciences.

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