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History of Christianity

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Anglicans against Apartheid

R150.00 (including 14 % tax)
In the course of his ministry as an Anglican priest in South Africa, Bob Clarke worked in parishes and in ecumenical contexts and as a Church History lecturer. He was deeply involved in ministry to people detained without trial, as well as in confl ict 
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Aspects of the History of the Church in Botswana

R99.00 (including 14 % tax)
This book deals with interesting aspects of the history of Botswana It is a collection of essays edited by: Fidelis Nkomazana and Laurel Fanner 376 pages, paperback 
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Being Missionary, Being Human

R75.00 (including 14 % tax)
Willem Saayman (author) presents a brief overview of 350 years of Dutch Reformed Church Mission History 150 pages, paperback 
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Children At The Forefront

R150.00 (including 14 % tax)
A History of Thandanani Children's Foundation (1989-2009) 
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Compromise and Courage

R120.00 (including 14 % tax)
Anglicans in Johannesburg 1864 -1999 A divided church in search of integrity (Peter Lee editor) 
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Dominicans in Africa

R80.00 (including 14 % tax)
A History of Dominican Friars in sub-Sahara Africa (Philippe Denis editor, Robert da Viana translater) 
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Indians versus Russians

R69.00 (including 14 % tax)
Between 2003 and 2007, researchers from the Sinomlando Centre, University of KwaZulu-Natal interviewed survivors from the civil war waged in the late 1980s and early 1990s between the African National Congress and the Zulu traditional movement Inkatha 
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Journeying for Justice

R180.00 (including 14 % tax)
What moves ordinary people to risk their comfort for the sake of others? What moves people to remain hopeful in times of despair? What moves people to take great risks to act against their oppression? 
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R120.00 (including 14 % tax)
Coercive Agency: Power and Resistance in Mission Education (Graham Duncan editor) 
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Making of an Indigenous Clergy

R0.00 (including 14 % tax)
The Making of an Indigenous Clergy in Southern Africa (Philippe Denis editor) 
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Mission on the Margin

R150.00 (including 14 % tax)
A Case Study on Reformed Mission Prospects in eNkumane, KwaZulu-Natal:“The author provides a rich description of the socio-economic, cultural and political life in the area he reviews. 
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Orality Literacy and Colonialism in Southern Africa

R90.00 (including 14 % tax)
Jonathan A. Draper editor This volume is a co-publication with SBL and Cluster Pub. can sell this title only to customers in Africa 
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Orality, Memory & the Past

R65.00 (including 14 % tax)
Listening to the Voices of Black Clergy under Colonialism and Apartheid (P Denis editor)  
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Prophetic Christianity

R30.00 (including 14 % tax)
The Liberation Movement in South Africa (Peter Walshe author) 
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St John Vianney Seminary

R25.00 (including 14 % tax)
50 Years of Priestly Training (Joy Brain editor) 
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The Casspir & the Cross

R20.00 (including 14 % tax)
Voices of Black Clergy in the Natal Midlands (Philippe Denis, T. Mlotshwa and G. Mukuka authors) 
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The Catholic Church

R40.00 (including 14 % tax)
The Catholic Church in Contemporary (Joy Brain and Philippe Denis editors) 
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The Eye Of The Storm

R120.00 (including 14 % tax)
Jonathan A Draper editor 
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The German Protestant Church in Colonial Southern Africa

R250.00 (including 14 % tax)
This volume covers the results of the Study Process on the Role of German Protestant Work Overseas in Colonial Southern Africa. 
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The Native School that caused all the trouble

R200.00 (including 14 % tax)
Established in 1963 in Alice in the Eastern Cape, a short distance from the University College of Fort Hare, the Federal Theological Seminary of Southern Africa, popularly known as Fedsem, occupies a unique place in South African history. 
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Results 1 - 20 of 23
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