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Systematic Theology

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A Holistic Soteriology in an African Context

R150.00 (including 14 % tax)
Utilising Luther's Theology and the Owambo Traditions to Overcome a Spiritualised and Privatised Concept of Salvation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (Dr. Veikko Munyika author) paperback, 462 pages 
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God Delusion

R120.00 (including 14 % tax)
Is Nature all there is – a self-generated, self- propelled, and self-contained mechanism? Are human beings, as the peak of nature, sovereign owners and masters of their lives and their world? That is the stance taken by Richard Dawkins, naturalist, biolog 
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In Her Name

R150.00 (including 14 % tax)
Women Doing Theology (Susan Rakoczy IHM editor) 
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Keeping Body and Soul Together

R150.00 (including 14 % tax)
Reflections by Steve de Gruchy on Theology and Development 
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Martin Luther's Message for us today

R75.00 (including 14 % tax)
A perspective from the south (Klaus Nurnberger author) paperback, 326 pages 
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The Christian Story

R80.00 (including 14 % tax)
A seeker's view (Paul Faller author) 
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The Living Dead & The Living God

R90.00 (including 14 % tax)
Christ and the Ancestors in a Changing Africa (Klaus Nurnberger author) 
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The Quest for Humanity in Science & Religion

R95.00 (including 14 % tax)
The South African Experience (Augustine Shutte, editor) 
Product Details...

Towards an Agenda for Contextual Theology

R90.00 (including 14 % tax)
Essays in Honour of Albert Nolan (McGlory T Speckman and Larry T Kaufmann editors) 
Product Details...

Who Do You Say That I Am?

R40.00 (including 14 % tax)
Introducing Contemporary Christology ( Elizabeth Johnson CSJ and Susan Rakoczy IHM authors) 
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